May 21, 2020 - 12:57pm --

Dear Friends of 4-H Camp Ohio:

Take a moment and recall one of your most favorite memories of 4-H. For many of us, those memories are vivid with the sounds and smells (good and BAD!) of 4-H camp. From camp songs, to “warm fuzzies”, counselor skits, and vespers, those summer days and nights helped us to grow and become who we are today. We want to be sure those opportunities are there for kids next year and many years to come.

We all have acknowledged our own sadness as a result of camps being cancelled this summer, but our 4-H’ers have proven to be resilient and encouraging considering this decision. Protecting our 4-H family of youth, volunteers and staff is our absolute number one priority and we know that this was the right decision to keep everyone safe during these challenging times.

As a result of these camp closures, the loss of income is hitting our camp hard. To keep camp fees down, the camp runs on a very strict budget with little room to withstand substantial losses such as we are experiencing this year. Collectively across the state, Ohio 4-H camps will lose roughly $1.1 million dollars in revenue.

Please stand with us in support of 4-H Camp Ohio. We are anxious to welcome everyone back next year but know that the ability to continue operations is hanging in the balance. Please give today and invest in camp to help grow true leaders for tomorrow.

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