March 16, 2020 - 10:14am --


As you may be aware, The Ohio State University has announced the suspension of face-to-face instruction of lectures, discussion sections, seminars, and other similar classroom settings, and the move to virtual instruction effective immediately and through at least March 31. This also trickles down to the Knox County OSU Extension Office and the clientele that we serve.

One of the best ways to prevent the spread of viral illnesses is to minimize the circumstances in which individuals might interact and transmit the diseases.  The safety of our community is our top priority. We realize that our COVID-19 policy guidelines will cause disruption, but the risk of not acting outweighs the inconvenience of these temporary measures. We will share updates as more information becomes available. Learn how we’re working to keep our communities safe.

Knox County 4-H Specific Updates
We have been instructed that we are to cancel all face to face meetings county-wide that are non-essential now until APRIL 20 (per email at 12:17 p.m. on March 12 from the University).  Unfortunately, that means that all 4-H clubs in Knox County must cancel or hold their 4-H meetings virtually until after April 20.  Any meetings scheduled after that can go on as planned. However, evolving situations may require us to extend this deadline even further.  Due to the extenuating circumstances being extended, as a county we are going to extend the enrollment deadline now until April 27. That would include turning in all the club paperwork as well.  This does not mean that you can not continue to communicate with members to get the 4-HOnline enrollments complete now instead of waiting to the last minute.

March 14: Cloverbud Saturday– CANCELLED
March 14: Ohio 4-H Conference – CANCELLED
March 16: Knox County 4-H Online Enrollment Due –DELAYED TO APRIL 27
March 16:  Club Paperwork Due –DELAYED TO APRIL 27
March 17:  Camp Counselor Meeting POSTPONED
March 17:  Junior Fair Board Meeting POSTPONED
March 19-22:  Ohio Beef Expo – CANCELLED
March 21:  Ambassador/Royalty Competition –RESCHEDULED FOR APRIL 25
March 23:  Knox County 4-H Online Enrollment Changes Due DELAYED TO APRIL 27
March 25-29:  Buckeye Leadership Workshop –CANCELLED
March 28:  OSU Junior Swine Day – CANCELLED
March 31:  Advisor Book Order Form Due – POSTPONED TO APRIL 30
April 16:  Quality Assurance Training & Hog Tag Pickup – POSTPONED
April 18:  Cloverbud Saturday – CANCELLED
April 19:  MANDATORY 1st Year Equine Exhibitor Clinic – POSTPONED
April 20:  Quality Assurance Training & Hog Tag Pickup – POSTPONED