4-H Camp Ohio is starting a series of counselor training days called Winter Workshops. The purpose of these workshops is to help with counselor training and on-site hours. My overall goal with this series of workshops to make camp more accessible for counselors and to give them the training needed to run a quality program at camp.

The dates are: Jan 31, Feb 7, March 7 and March 28

Specific Areas: these classes must have at least 3 people registered to hold. I also need volunteers to help instruct these areas. (Instructors must provide a written outline for the class! They may use one of the existing outlines from the camp office if arrangements are made 2 weeks before each workshop.) Training will be 12:30-4:30, with the 3:30-4:30 hour reserved for a hands-on teaching time. This means that two groups will pair up (ex Native American and pioneer) counselors will have 30 min to teach something in their respective area then groups will swap and the other group of counselors will have 30 minutes to teach.



Native American



Line Dancing

Group Games



Camp Farm (will be led by camp staff)

 INTERESTED INSTRUCTORS: Please review the list above and get in touch with the camp office if you are interested in teaching in one of the areas. Please provide 4-H Camp Ohio office with contact information and lesson plan. There may be more than one instructor per area. Also, please forward this on to any interested parties you may know. Some areas may have a hike associated with them but most should be able to be instructed indoors.

Any age counselor may attend these workshops. Adults may attend as well if needed. Registration is due 2 weeks prior to the workshop. All Workshops will be a one day training from 10-4:30 (sign-in beginning at 9:30). These workshops are open to all counselors, statewide. While these trainings will be site specific to 4-H Camp Ohio, many of the activities can be adapted for other places.                  Winter Workshop Registraton