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  1. General Information

  2. Tentitive Knox County 4-H Calendar Link 

  3. General Forms

  4. Family Guide Link

  5. Requirements

  6. 4-H Mall- where you can shop for 4-H memorabilia and other 4-H specific items

  7. 4-H Officer Information

  8. Resources

The Ohio 4-H Youth Development program seeks to provide positive Educational experiences for youth, volunteers, parents/guardians, and Community members. To create and support this positive environment, Ohio State University Extension has adopted specific policies, procedures, and best practices. As an organization, we believe in the important role that policies and procedures play in ensuring a positive and safe learning experience for youth, parents/guardians, volunteers, and community members. Below you will find the relevant policies and procedures adopted by Ohio State University Extension. 

  • Club Management Sources



 9. Cloverbud Volunteer Resources