See some of our local MGV projects since the

COVID-19 quarentine!!


Arrowwood Vinburnun 

Arrowwood Vinburnun tree in bud

   Arrowwood Vinburnun bud

        A closer view

Master Gardeners visiting a greenhouse!

Master Gardeners visiting a greenhouse!


These Poppies have two buds!

PM eggs

How neat.... found a Praying Mantis egg sack in the flower bed!


Helebore Flowers

Tomato starts

Tomato Seed Starts

Weeping Cherry Tree

-Weeping Cherry Tree with a ouple stones for a dog memorial-


Starting seeds inside before they can be transplanted outside!


Starting some lettuce!


Spring Tulips are so beautiful!


Daffodils lining the fence corner


Another idea on how to start seeds inside!

Raised Beds

Raised Beds for vegetable plants


Small lettuce plants transplanted into a pot to move outside

Check out this process that will help decrease weeding and promotes better soil content when the leaves and paper compost


Step One: Weed the Bed

bed weed

Step Two: Place newspaper or cardboard down as a weed barrier


Step Three: Cover paper or cardboard with 3-4 inches of leaves

Step 3

Step Four: Place large pine bark mulch to finish

step 4